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Community Contribution (CSR Statement)

Negocio contribute to a just, fair and sustainable society. We contribute time and financial support to causes striving to achieve these goals such as charities, community organisations and policy bodies.  We support causes promoting peace with justice and that oppose injustice and prejudice.


Present projects, community contributions


Sydney Peace Foundation

Sydney Peace Prize Foundation was established in 1998 as an initiative of DPACS (Sydney University) and advocates for peace with justice recognising that to achieve true and lasting peace, we must, beyond ending war and violent conflict, address deep injustices and structural inequality.

By awarding Australia’s international prize for peace, the Sydney Peace Foundation recognise leading global peacemakers, ensure their voices are heard, and support their vital work for a fairer world.

The prize recognises the work of the amorphous racial justice movement that exists under the catch-all moniker, but has nevertheless managed to unite activists from around the world, including in Australia.



Voluntas is a free Conflict Resolution Service which provides volunteer mediators for volunteer organisations.

Voluntas provides independent conflict management professionals (accredited mediators) to assist participants to have constructive conversations and reach agreement in an informal, collaborative, consensual and informed manner.

To find out more, email us at


Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV)

Steve Lancken is an Indigenous Community Volunteer (ICV) and offers his time, skills and experience working with remote and disadvantaged indigenous communities to address prejudice and disadvantage.


Cathy Freeman Foundation

For decades the children of Palm Island have been some of the most disadvantaged in our country.  For the last four years Negocio has supported the Cathy Freeman Foundation to address this disadvantage through education and capacity building for Aboriginal children, their families and community.


Salvo’s Legal Humanitarion

In August 2005, Courtyard Legal was established at the Auburn Salvation Army, offering free legal advice and assistance to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. The Courtyard Legal team realised that the people of the Greater Western suburbs of Sydney did not have proper access to legal advice from well resourced Solicitors in times of need.
In December 2010, the work of Courtyard Legal was succeeded by the new firm, Salvos Legal Humanitarian.
Negocio supports Salvo’s Legal with Pro Bono ADR services and presenting at seminars.



Since 2008 Steve Lancken has been honoured to contribute as a Council member of the National Alternative Dispute Resolution Council (NADRAC) which offers policy advice to the Federal Attorney General.  NADRACs ‘Your Guide to Dispute Resolution’ offers easy to understand advice about how to best engage in ADR.


Steve Lancken and Negocio have contributed on committees and with advice and maintains membership of the following organisation in the ADR and business field.


LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers


Mediator Standards Board (MSB)


Law Society of NSW


Steve is a regular speaker and facilitator of conversations
about the contribution ADR can make to:

  • Ethics
  • Peace with justice
  • Community, and
  • Pro bono advice.

Steve Lancken is a regular teacher and contributor to the Centre
for Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University


Steve’s profile at Sydney University



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welcome values negocio services credentials people thoughts and ideas community contact

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