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Our products and services reflect our values…


Effective communication avoids conflict. Communicating inappropriately fuels it. The skill of communicating is most important when it is most difficult – when there is discord. Communication is fundamental to the work of Negocio Resolutions. We provide training packages about communication: dealing with difficult conversations, performance and discord. We provide one-on-one coaching, facilitating or mediating in small groups, as well as workplace-wide skills training and education that creates an atmosphere for lasting cultural change. We are the experts when it comes to the most difficult communications in a business environment.


While many mediators are also lawyers, psychologists or social workers, not many work exclusively in the realm of conflict. Negocio do. We work with many experts who have subject matter and industry knowledge to ensure our services are relevant and innovative … as the results achieved will be. We consider all the options, even those that may seem ’left field’. Only after this step do we evaluate, see if they fit, then work towards the very best outcome. Whether it is the training of your staff, the resolution of a dispute or the design of new systems to manage conflict, Negocio Resolutions will provide innovate solutions.


You may have an issue that is best resolved through collaboration rather than confrontation. Negocio works with you to find ways for people to work with each other. In our competitive world opportunities to create stunning solutions and make brave decisions are lost, value is destroyed as businesses compete to claim value rather than collaborate to create value. Our collaborative expert panel lives our values. We are a group of diverse international leaders in their field, working together to create a high quality and experienced network. We work with you and your competitors, staff, stakeholders and even those who might otherwise be competitors to ensure value is created and not destroyed. We achieve this through mediation, facilitation, negotiation skills, coaching and mentoring. Our skills are informed by the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project, written about in texts such as Getting to Yes and Getting Past No which have been rigorously tested in the business environment.


In business we negotiate every day but this doesn’t provide the skills required for more complex problems. Habits drive our negotiation behaviour, resulting in value being lost and relationships damaged when larger issues arise. These weaknesses are amplified and the approaches fail. We can negotiate on your behalf, or work with you to make you better negotiators.
We coach, build capacity, consult, advise, review and teach negotiation every day, and have done so for the last 10 years. We have access to teaching materials from the Harvard Program on Negotiation and The Trillium Group – tried and tested over decades. Steve has worked in almost every industry from the law to power generation, for small non-government organisations to multinationals, banks, insurers and financiers, unions and government agencies.


The use of a neutral facilitator can work wonders in uncovering great ideas or finding perfect solutions even when there is no conflict. Negocio has had the honour of facilitating outcomes for federal, state and local government as well as our business clients. We facilitated an ‘Access to Justice Roundtable’ attended by the Attorney General of Australia, the heads of the courts as well as community leaders and experts. Our work with the NSW Government has included ADR committees and volunteering organisations. Steve Lancken has chaired boards, advisory bodies and works on policy councils and think tanks. He facilitates matters as diverse as discussions about proportionate liability legislation to community engagement in the outback.


No one made peace by discussing who will win the war, but by discussing what the world might look like if we stopped fighting. Our practice is to look forward. We can act as mediators for what might seem like irreconcilable disputes to bring parties together. Our practice is informed, principled and reflective and we utilise alternative dispute resolution techniques to highlight the likely outcomes of an adversarial approach versus one of collaboration. And we strive to deliver the best results. Steve Lancken is a world renowned mediator. See what Steve’s client’s say about him here.


Organisations ahead of the curve invest in their staff and build skills in dispute resolution using the latest teachings and practical experiences. Negocio Resolutions can tailor short and long programs for your staff and we use the most up to date teaching methods. We can focus on developing new skills in negotiation, conflict management and communication. Steve is sought after to deliver learning programs for AGSM Executive Programs, Sydney University, The Trillium Group, Marcus Evans and a host of Australian providers. Programs are always experiential, interesting and diverse, with a commitment to follow up and evaluate.


Reaching an acceptable resolution sometimes requires business to have an in-depth understanding of ’what happened‘ from the perspective of your industry and its nuances. Negocio Resolutions will investigate, and help you gain a clearer understanding of the issues at hand. We are rigorous and fair. And through our network of mediators and advisers, we will provide the experience to guide you to an effective outcome. Negocio and its contractors conduct workplace, safety, factual and probity investigations when facilitated discussion is unable to deliver workable outcomes. We have a diverse panel of experts in many industries.


Even with the best intentions, sometimes people need an outsider to make a decision or consider the implications of pursuing a legal process. Steve Lancken is an experienced lawyer and recognised arbitrator and investigator. He can advise you of the likely outcomes of pursuing a legal claim and consider alternatives to reach an acceptable outcome, without incurring the time and expenses of pursuing your claim through the courts. And, if both parties agree, he can act as an arbitrator on your case.



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welcome values negocio services credentials people thoughts and ideas community contact

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