Thoughts on the Future of ADR



Please read the  paper I wrote for
LEADR Kon ‘Gres
Innovation, influence or inhibition1
and comment.

I am inviting comment and am particularly interested in  people and organisations to consider the following question;

What structures, organisations and governance should be adopted to best serve the needs of the ADR field in 2023 and beyond?

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Steve Lancken

Suspend judgement and blame. Conflict Counsel No 1

When conflict first occurs seek to engage and understand “what is going on” for those involved. Suspend judgments and blame so as to offer those involved, and the organisation, time to explore and understand the concerns and values that are being expressed.  Conflict is a great teacher.  Properly managed conflict is an opportunity to learn and grow, and can contribute to the success and productivity of a positive workplace.  Review policies to allow for learning and resolution first and judgment and punishment only if other ways of dealing with conflict are exhausted.

Use conflict to support a positive workplace, not like the dogs below.