Negocio sponsors the referees at the Bingham Cup


Negocio sponsors the referees at the Bingham Cup

I am proud to announce the sponsorship of the referees by Negocio Resolutions at this weekend’s Bingham Cup .

The Bingham Cup is the second largest rugby tournament in the world. It is the celebration by the international gay rugby playing community of diversity, sportsmanship and the life of Mark Bingham whose story was told on ABC last week. 24 teams will compete including about 17 from outside Australia.

Acknowledging the involvement of Negocio Resolutions, one of Australia’s leading conflict management and mediation organisations, the referees will be labelled “Conflict Resolvers”.



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Why are Negocio Resolutions involved?

  • Negocio Resolutions principal Steve Lancken has been refereeing rugby for 15 years, enjoying the physical challenge as well as relishing the tricky role of communicating decisions and expecations to, 30 willing participants who are otherwise intent on a hard physical encounter.
  • Exclusion and prejudice, in sport or in any activity, is not just unfair and discriminatory. It is wrong, contibuting to a society that favours elites, established power groupings and leaving many invisble, disenfranchised and unable to participate in activities that the majority take for granted.
  • The Bingham Cup celebrates diverstiy in sport. Gay friendly, the event is NOT just for gay people.
  • We love sport especially rugby and its generally inclusive culture. In rugby there is a position on the field for everyone. As a former business partner (and front rower) once said, “if it was not for the front row positions in rugby fat people would not have any specialist position in sport except at shot put and who wants to do that.”
  • As you can see from their web site, Bingham Cup promises to be great fun, a celebration of the things that we love about sport, and of inclusiveness.
  • The tournament organisers have used the attention of the event to send a broader message to all sports that homophobia and exclusion are not OK in any sporting context. I admire their energy and want to celebrate their success.

So come on down to Woollarah from Friday to Sunday and enjoy the games, the fellowship, the guys playing hard and the fun. While there look out for the Negocio Resolution conflict resolvers (they are the ones who look a bit like referees!).

See you on the weekend.

Steve Lancken.

2 thoughts on “Negocio sponsors the referees at the Bingham Cup

  1. Congratulations Steve and the Negocio team on your support for the Bingham Cup and the sponsorship of the Conflct Resolvers.
    Great initiative but somehow “he’s been offside all day Conflict Resolver!” doesn’t have the same ring to it.
    Best wishes for a great competition.
    Brian Elton

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