Australian Mediator of the Year


On 18th May I named Australian Mediator of the Year. The Award was given by Australasian Lawyer and sponsored by Resolution Institute.  What an honour.

It is rewarding to have been the very first recipient of the award. Thanks to the Resolution Institute for sponsoring and conceiving the awards given to DR professionals. It should be a regular event!

It is a fantastic thing for my profession when excellence is honoured. Any of the finalists would have been a worthy winner and I congratulate my friends Anne Sutherland-Kelly, Alan Limbury, Mieke Brandon and Anne Purcell who were also nominated. In a truly collaborative spirit, all of the mediator nominees who could attend the awards shared a table at the dinner.

I would like to acknowledge my hard working talented and loyal colleague Eulalie Moore and my mediation Associate, Zeynep Selcuk. Together we do amazing work. Some examples:

  • assisting victims of abuse to have Restorative engagements with the institutions in which they were abused,
  • complex commercial and insurance mediation work,
  • small business company and partnership disputes
  • mediating workplace disputes and conversations,
  • facilitating public meetings group discussions and community engagement groups, especially when the conversations are controversial and
  • advising all manner of businesses how best to manage their conflict risk.

In 2016 I was excited to be involved in the innovative Voluntas project. It has been a joy and privilege to work with so many talented and committed people to complete the pilot, and now we are ready to start the hard work of finding ongoing funding and resources. We want to be able to offer free mediation services to those who could not otherwise afford it.

I am also very proud of my work with Indigenous Community Volunteers. I am hoping that sometime soon the people of Aputula will be compensated for the loss of their property during the so-called “NT Intervention”.

I love my work, the people that I meet are fantastic and I have such wonderful clients. To the law firms, corporates and NFP organisations who have trusted me, I am extremely grateful. You have welcomed me into your lives and trusted me to assist with some of your darkest problems. That itself is an honour and privilege.

Conflict does not always have to be destructive. Disputes do not have to end up as battles of will. At Negocio Resolutions, we live and breeth conflict management. We teach people how to negotiate, have difficult conversations and deal with conflict generally. We are thought leaders, involved in conferences and events around the world. We take great pride in what we do and hope to be able to continue to assist our clients to find the best outcomes, to have the best conversations and to make the best decisions.

Steve Lancken

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