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24-28 Sept 2018

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Steve Lancken mediator welcomes you to Negocio Resolutions

Leading mediators and experts in the business of conflict management and dispute resolution

Dynamic organisations experience change - pushing boundaries creates challenges. Conflicts and dispute emerge.

Conflict is not in itself bad.  It's how you prepare for, mediate and negotiate these demands that determines how fast you can move on and progress. If the workplace learns from conflict, business becomes stronger not weaker.


Mediation and Conflict
Management Experts

Negocio Resolutions offer a holistic conflict management service.

We specialise in resolving conflict through facilitation, mediation, and negotiation, consulting and advising on ways – such as training and capacity building - to avoid and manage conflict positively.  

Our services reflect our values. Our facilitative services include communication consulting, innovation for change, collaboration consulting, facilitation, negotiation, mediation and education in conflict management and resolution.   We offer world renowned training services, tailored for your business.

And our desire is to help you achieve quick and effective solutions while learning as much as possible from the experience. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service and results. Our values are explicit.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service and results

Our Expertise

Negocio Resolutions is led by managing director, Steve Lancken, who has over 30 years experience in conflict resolution firstly as a lawyer, and in the last 20 years as mediator, consultant, lecturer and trainer. Steve is a specialist in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and a leading Sydney mediator.

Steve is recognised as a leader in the ADR industry and regularly contributes innovative thoughts and ideas to the public forum through his thought provoking pieces. You can easily see what we stand for through our values and by seeing who in our community we support.

Our staff and consultants and the people we work with, have tertiary qualifications in human rights, workplace dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, law, education and Peace and Conflict Studies.



Negocio Resolutions

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welcome values negocio services credentials people thoughts and ideas community contact

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